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May 29

Driving a stick

Yesterday I spent the day with a friend’s family at their lakeside camp.  It was hot as hell in town, but it was a glorious day by the water and I had a great time hanging out there.

Mid-afternoon, Rachel’s grandmother asked her to move her car. I went out with Rachel and somehow it …

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May 17

A grateful list

Things to be grateful for:

People who are much, much smarter than me

Volunteering to do some work and having it turn into an actual job that I’m really enjoying

Friends who love me even when I’m in a crappy mood


Hot showers

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Mar 07

A snowy miracle

I was scheduled to work at the newspaper this afternoon.  It’s usually about a 25 minute drive, but thanks to the big icy snow storm we’ve had over the last 24 hours, I knew I needed extra time to clean off my car.  I also figured the driving might be a little slow, so I …

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