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Jun 04

The “List Of 37” in review

One year ago tomorrow I posted “My list of 37” – 37 things I wanted to do during my 37th year.  This evening I’m closing out my 37th year by looking back and seeing how I did…

Be my own soulmate – For a while I did REALLY well with this.  Little did I know …

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Mar 01

Tuition PAID

Tonight our guest post comes from Ashley Karr.  I spent a little time wandering around her site this evening and I really like the work that she’s doing.  Here’s a story about how she got there:

“I was a month away from completing my master’s degree and very low on cash. My web-based business was …

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Feb 27

Destroying the rich bitch

On my drive home tonight I had a conversation with myself that ended much differently than I expected.  And let me get this out of the way – I’m not happy about how it ended.  I exposed one of my own prejudices to myself and it’s decidedly uncomfortable.

Recently I’ve been listening to recordings of …

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Feb 22

Taking a leap on faith

Mohana Lakshmi

Tonight’s guest post comes from Mohanalakshmi Rajakumar. Here’s her story:

My miracle is that after quitting a job in June, I had another one waiting for me not a week later. The new job was part-time, seasonal, and didn’t pay as much as the other one (about 1/8 of what I was making) but I …

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Sep 21

Producer vs. Stage Manager

The last couple of days have been eye-opening to say the least.  As I focus on my attitudes about finances in The Miracle Challenge, I find that things are moving in a new direction – and it’s ONLY BEEN SEVEN DAYS!!!!  That blows me away.  Check out my Miracle Challenge post for today for an …

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Sep 17

A fulfilling career

Back at the beginning of June, I came to the realization that before I could find my soul mate – my spiritual, physical, mental, emotional, and sexual life partner – I first had to be my own soul mate.  I had to bring those energies into my own life rather than waiting for someone else …

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Jan 31

The miracle of integration

A couple of months ago a friend and I started working on vision boards.  I got distracted and left the pieces of mine sitting around, which made me feel kind of weird each time I saw it – like I was letting my vision languish.  This weekend I finally gathered all the pieces back up, …

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