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Sep 29

Vision and a voice

Tonight’s guest post is from Virginia Cunningham, a freelance writer in Los Angeles who specializes in special needs, alternative medicine and other health issues. She also works with Northwest Pharmacy. After learning how to appreciate everything she’s learned through this journey with HPE, she also educates parents with special needs children about special educations laws …

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Sep 25

Miracle in motion

When I put out the call for guest miracles, I love that grandmothers show up talking about their grandchildren.

Remember this beautiful grandmother’s tale?  What could be sweeter?

Here’s another one:

I am a grandmother co-raising my two grandchildren. The opportunity to experience the world through the eyes of a 7-year-old and a 10-year-old is …

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Mar 21

A shared vision

I remember hearing a story from a couple that had been to a shaman to do some journeying work. Neither of them spoke throughout the process, but at one point in the middle of the session the woman let out a little giggle. When the session ended, the man looked at her and said, “Why …

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