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Mar 12

When grandparents come to visit

A quick note before I get to tonight’s guest post – I just ran into a woman who I know, but rarely see.  I was so touched when she made a point to ask me how my book proposal going – she could only know about it through this Journal and Facebook.  It reminded me …

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Dec 25

A very Catholic, Jewish, Islamic, Sufi celebration

Yesterday at the newspaper I interviewed a newly-married couple for an article, and was enchanted with them both.  Their story is so appropriate to the spirit of Christmas that tonight is the perfect time to share it with you!

I’m working on the Bridal Guide that the newspaper will distribute next month.  I do almost …

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Apr 19

The $3 Christmas Tree

This beautiful miracle came from Patty Sharkey (who is, incidentally, now a vice president of human resources at a large company):

Christmas Season 1975, I’m ten.

We’re poor…food stamp poor. We live at the Jersey Shore, which is quite cold in the winter, especially back in the 70’s.

The bank foreclosed on our house …

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Dec 21

The Santa Fund

Today at the newspaper I got to go out on a special delivery (as I typed that Mr. McFeely from Mr. Rogers popped into my head…”Speedy delivery, speedy delivery!” I used to love that!!!)

Anyway…back to the subject… 🙂

Each year the fire department in St. Johnsbury, Vt., collects donations and then distributes them to …

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