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Apr 12

The Tango Flamenco

Tonight’s guest post comes from Brenda Della Casa.

Here’s what I love about her story – it’s about the little things.  The music on the radio and the flowers on the table.  Sometimes we get confused; we think that miracles have to be BIG.  The little moments are sometimes even more satisfying.

Yesterday, as I …

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Sep 29

Small steps to achieving big things

You know how people say that if you do a little bit of cleaning each day, eventually a whole lot of stuff is clean?  I’ve never really subscribed to that – I’ve been more of a “give me a whole day and I’ll attack the whole job and feel overwhelmed and not finish it” type.

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Aug 21

Clearing the bookshelf

I have a lot of books.  Really…a LOT of books. Last night I decided to review my bookshelves with a singular question in mind: “If I were to move, would I want to carry this book with me?”

I went through the three bookcases in my bedroom and with that criteria, I managed to take …

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