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Apr 09

Cleansing fear

Hello miracle watchers!  Long time, no talk.  🙂

Thank you all so much for your ongoing messages of support and love.  They mean the world to me!  Being with my mom through her cancer treatment experience has been both challenging and wonderful, and I’m sure I’ll have lots to share about it in the months …

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Apr 07

Shopping made easy

You know how when you go into a store and you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for, so you pick up one of everything…and then you get to the dressing room where the attendant looks at you as if you’re a moron and wasting her time and says, “You can only take in 6.”  …

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Jan 25

Gifts for weight loss

Bathroom Scale Funny

I’ve just had a lesson in the principle that when I declare an intention, the Universe will show up to support it.  Here is the result…a true gift-from-the-universe miracle:

On Jan. 10, I announced that I was going to take part in the 10 Pound Challenge hosted by Newlyweds On A Budget.

However there was …

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Oct 10

Seeing the big picture

A few weeks ago I wrote about recognizing that I’m a stage manager, not a producer.  I’ve had another revelation along those lines.

I’m a big picture thinker.  It got really clear to me yesterday when I was on the back of MBE‘s motorcycle.  This has been a glorious foliage season – perhaps not as …

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May 16

Beheading another sacred cow

I am constantly working to cleanse and streamline my world – cleaning up old beliefs, purging and rectifying old behaviors, and getting rid of stuff that doesn’t have meaning for me.  No matter how carefully I do it, once in a while I’ll get slapped upside the head with something really obvious that I missed.

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Jan 27

The miracle of a YUMMY body

If you’re familiar with my book Transforming Your Body Image, you know that it is the chronicle of my own journey from feeling “Fat and Ugly” to being okay with my body just as it is and helping others to do the same. I wrote there,

“As long as I keep my focus on being …

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Jan 09

The miracle of cute clothing

I’ve been looking for a little vest to wear over button-down shirts.  I’ve never been trendy, but this is a look that I can pull off and look both professional and cute.  I’ve been on the hunt for about 6 months and I hadn’t found anything close to what I was looking for – neither …

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