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Jun 02

Sugar sugar sugar sugar

When I close my eyes, I see grains of falling sugar.  When I go to sleep, I dream about cups of sugar overflowing.

A relapse into my gateway drug of choice?  No.  This is far less detrimental and actually kind of instructive!  🙂

A few days ago I discovered an online logic game called Sugar, …

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Dec 08

An active mind

I have what could be generously called an “active” mind.  It is constantly thinking and creating – whether it’s creating the next great project I’m going to do or it’s creating some crazy drama is entirely dependent on the day.  But it is definitely creative.

That has always presented a problem for me when it …

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Jan 20

The miracle of concentration

After a week of being so scattered that I felt almost useless, today I finally found my focus and concentration again.  I’ve been hard at it for several hours.  So please excuse while I go back to doing what I’m doing.

See that?  I’m not even breaking the focus to write a real post.  Thank …

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