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Oct 31

Go west, young man

Today was the day – after a beautiful month together, Mr. Blue Eyes had to get on his chariot and begin winging his way home to the Southwest. It would be fair to say that a large number of tears were shed this morning.

But that’s not the whole story.  I don’t want to …

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Aug 22

F*** you, I didn’t ask for this

I’ve felt this post coming for a few days and I’ve been pushing it away, not wanting to go there.  But here it is, refusing to go away…

When I went back to my high school last week and interviewed Jack Cummings, it precipitated the opening of a huge well of grief that I didn’t …

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Aug 09

Two monks

Tonight I feel cranky and unsettled.  Nothing bad happened today, but it was a difficult day nonetheless.  A day when I felt like the air around me was crackling with static and my own discomfort.

Tonight I don’t really feel like writing any of my own stuff.  Instead a story comes to mind that I …

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Jul 18

Recognizing Crazy

I’ve been having a serious bout of Crazy the last few days.  You wanna know how Crazy?

Today I stopped at McDonald’s and got some french fries.

That may not seem like a very big deal, but I don’t know the last time I did that!!

Then on the way home today I stopped at …

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May 07

The miracle of refusing drama

In the newsroom yesterday a colleague said to me, “You seem so normal. I can’t figure out why you’re working here.”  I had to laugh.  It seems like my life has been filled with weird shit from day one.  It’s the atmosphere I was born into – estranged families, famous and rich people always on …

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Jan 16

The miracle of knowing the crazy

Here’s the issue with feeling great and believing that everything is going to work out – at some point, fear kicks in (or perhaps it’s hormones, or not getting enough sleep, or the extra helpings of potato chips I ate yesterday). Actually, I know the answer to this one – it’s a life-long, deeply-ingrained belief …

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