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Jul 22

A tale of two emails

This has been one heck of a strange day – not strange/bad, just strange/all-over-the-place.  And both the highs and the lows are very neatly illustrated by a pair of emails that came on either end of the day.


When I got to work this morning, I found an email from a newspaper reader …

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Feb 24

How much joy can you stand?

I’ve been on a fascinating learning curve over the last week or so (“fascinating” is another word for oh-my-god-this-roller-coaster-is-going-so-fast-and-I’m-not-sure-my-safety-belt-is-fastened.)

I’ve spent the last couple of weeks focusing single-mindedly on my book proposal and accompanying video.

Although it’s slow going, things have been humming along nicely.  As I teased on Facebook last week, I got some …

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