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Nov 14

The gazer

Yesterday I had a remarkable experience. Truthfully I’m still not sure how to talk about it.

Last week I heard about a man named Braco (pronounced Brah-tzo) from Croatia who stands in front of rooms of people and gazes at them.  That’s it – he just stands there and looks.  His gaze is full of …

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Jul 10

Declaration of Independence

This morning I went to one of my favorite spots in the world – it’s a nearby hiking trail that comes out at a swimming hole.  It’s a place we frequented when I was a kid and it’s where my father’s ashes are scattered.

This morning I went up and sat for a long time …

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May 07

The miracle of refusing drama

In the newsroom yesterday a colleague said to me, “You seem so normal. I can’t figure out why you’re working here.”  I had to laugh.  It seems like my life has been filled with weird shit from day one.  It’s the atmosphere I was born into – estranged families, famous and rich people always on …

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Apr 26

The miracle of the financial aid officer

Today I had a startling revelation.  A sit-myself-down-and-rethink-my-life kind of revelation.  The kind of awakening that really can cause a major shift in how I think about my life and move in my world.

When I was a kid, my dad made it clear that the most important thing in the world was a college …

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Apr 17

The miracle of God’s serenade

Wouldn’t it be nice to think that once we deal with an issue it’s done…kaput…never to be seen again?  Yes, that would be nice.  Unfortunately it’s not very realistic. At some point, we find ourselves dealing with the same issue again and think – wait, didn’t I handle this?  But we’re just at a deeper …

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