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Apr 18

The Miracle Manifesto


from Leah Carey, Chief Miracle Officer


To you…
the dear, precious soul who is living in gray and dreaming of color…
I know you.

You live with the feeling that there’s something wrong inside you that needs to be fixed.

I see you.

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Jan 04

Going sane, part 2

At the end of August, I wrote about going sane. It was a phrase that I heard one night as I sat in a circle of women, spoken by a beautiful young woman who was full of love and vitality.

I have come back to that concept over and over again during the last few …

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Aug 29


Hi everyone,

I’ve been missing in action for the last few days – I wasn’t feeling great over the weekend and I chose to be really lazy.  Although that was the right choice, now I’m feeling a bit of inertia about writing on the Journal. Which is odd, because I have a whole bunch of …

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Apr 13

A Brandeis miracle

A lot of people talk about college as “the best four years of your life”.  I’ve been known on occasion to wax poetic about my college experience.  And it was great – there is no doubt that I was in the right place at the right time and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. …

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Jan 16

The miracle of knowing the crazy

Here’s the issue with feeling great and believing that everything is going to work out – at some point, fear kicks in (or perhaps it’s hormones, or not getting enough sleep, or the extra helpings of potato chips I ate yesterday). Actually, I know the answer to this one – it’s a life-long, deeply-ingrained belief …

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