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Oct 02

Apple pie

I have a friend staying with me, so tonight we made a nice dinner followed by…APPLE PIE.  Need I say more?

It’s an easy pie to make with very little sweetener in it that’s still plenty sweet. Here’s the recipe:

  • Buy a pie crust (no, I’m not really that good!) 🙂

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Feb 17

The miracle of the fire alarm

Oy.  I started cooking dinner.  I knew I had a couple of minutes before I needed to do anything, so I sat down at my computer to do just one little thing!!!!!  Next thing I knew, I had done about ten little things and my fire alarms were blaring.  And they wouldn’t shut up.  I …

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Feb 12

The miracle of good fish

This evening I did a late round of errands and decided to make a last-minute stop at the grocery store to get some fish.  My mom recently gave me a super-easy way to make fish that has quickly become my new favorite – which is a great thing, because even though I like eating fish, …

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