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Nov 12

Felicity means joy and happiness

The title of this post comes directly from a Miracle Journal Video that I did a couple months ago with a young woman named Felicity.  It was the first thing she said to me when she heard that I was with “The Miracle Journal.”  🙂

I’m finally getting all these videos cleared out of the …

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Nov 11

Miracle videos and pictures

I’ve gotten a bit behind in posting the videos from interviews I’ve done for the Miracle Journal Video Project…but finally here are two more!

Both of these came from the Canadian Society of Dowsers Conference that I spoke at last month in Ottawa.

Here is Kim Hargreaves with a fantastic piece about working with people …

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Jul 15

Finding new evidence

Last month at the Dowsers Convention, I talked for a while with Jean Slatter (here’s another plug for her book, Hiring The Heavens.  Seriously.  Get it.  And no, I don’t get any kickback from her for recommending it.  It’s just that good.)

Jean was explaining to me the concept that we are surrounded by a …

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Jul 01

Only sunshine makes a desert

A few weeks ago I spoke at the annual conference for the National Society of Dowsers.  During my talk, I gave out postcards about the Miracle Journal.  Before the end of the weekend, a beautifully joyful man named Geoffrey had given me TWO miracles in return!  🙂

Here is one of them:

It reads:

This …

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Jun 10

Changes in latitude, changes in attitude…

For the last few months, I’ve been leaving the top of Cinnamon’s cage open while I’m at work so she can fly around the apartment.

Issue #1 – her favorite place to sit at the top of the cage is right above the slot for her water dish. She regularly pooped into her water dish.  …

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Feb 09

February financial update

Financial Freedom

Here is the second of my monthly check-ins on how I’m doing with paying down debt and getting my financial life in order.

Last month I set the goal of putting an extra $1000 payment toward credit card debt.  However part way through the month I decided to make an adjustment in my spreadsheet – …

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Jun 14

An amazing weekend

I had an amazing four days at the American Society of Dowsers national convention this weekend. I started attending the convention 11 years ago and began speaking there 5 years ago. It’s the kind of convention where there are always about six things going on at once, so the chance of being overstimulated is extremely …

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