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Dec 18

Angels are watching over me

This weekend I went to Boston to visit some friends. I had two experiences in the car that caught my attention – one a very ordinary miracle, and one an “angels are watching over me” miracle.

1) I don’t love driving in Boston.  It’s not the city traffic that bothers me – I have no …

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May 29

Driving a stick

Yesterday I spent the day with a friend’s family at their lakeside camp.  It was hot as hell in town, but it was a glorious day by the water and I had a great time hanging out there.

Mid-afternoon, Rachel’s grandmother asked her to move her car. I went out with Rachel and somehow it …

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May 15

Betting on gas prices

So much has happened over the last couple of days that I need some time to digest before I write about any of it.

Instead, here’s something I forgot to share the other day…

As anyone who has a car is painfully aware, gas prices are going crazy again.  The best-priced gas station in town …

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Feb 24

The miracle of a loooooooong drive

Today I had the opportunity to spend 9 hours with myself in the car. I thought it might be terrible, but it actually wasn’t bad at all. I spent most of the time listening to a really interesting audio course that I’ve been downloading over the last week.

The result is that I’m too tired …

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