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Jul 22

A tale of two emails

This has been one heck of a strange day – not strange/bad, just strange/all-over-the-place.  And both the highs and the lows are very neatly illustrated by a pair of emails that came on either end of the day.


When I got to work this morning, I found an email from a newspaper reader …

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Sep 06

Computer craziness

Last weekend I spent several hours switching systems for viewing email.  I had myself set up with a system that left me confused about what I’d read, what I’d responded to, and what still needed to be dealt with.  I was missing and losing important emails far too often.

I did some research and came …

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Feb 02

The miracle of persistence

Something I still need to work on is the etiquette of following up on calls and emails that haven’t been returned.  I have a bad habit of believing that if I’ve contacted someone and they haven’t responded, it’s because they’re not interested and don’t want to.  But that’s silly – how often does something on …

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