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Jul 11

Seeing the Evidence

Since I started working at the Caledonian Record I’ve been clipping out all of the pieces that ran with my byline.  I’ve always liked to have a record of my work and I figured that I wasn’t writing that much, so it wouldn’t pile up too quickly.

Nice concept, but not the truth.  For the …

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Jul 10

Declaration of Independence

This morning I went to one of my favorite spots in the world – it’s a nearby hiking trail that comes out at a swimming hole.  It’s a place we frequented when I was a kid and it’s where my father’s ashes are scattered.

This morning I went up and sat for a long time …

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Jul 04

Celebrating Evie and teaching

Last night was an amazing night.  There was a remembrance for Evie Spodnik by her Sacred Circle Dance community.  Over the course of the evening I think there were probably at least 50 people there.  Evie was extremely passionate and dedicated to circle dance, traveling frequently to dance circles all over New England and Canada …

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Jul 03

Living Today For Evie – a repost

Earlier today a friend sent me this post that was written by Angie Miller, one of Evie Spodnik’s colleagues.  It captures her spirit so perfectly that I feel compelled to quote her here.  You can find the original post at: http://nhtoy2011.blogspot.com/2011/07/living-today-for-evie.html

There was a gathering tonight of Evie’s Sacred Circle Dance community and people traveled …

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