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Oct 11

A perfect creature never fails

I love the show Survivor.  I watched in the early days (oh Colby, why did you take Tina to the finals with you?), then I drifted away. I’ve been back for the last four or five seasons, and I have to admit that I can’t get enough of it.  I even watch the “Ponderosa” clips …

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Jun 04

The “List Of 37” in review

One year ago tomorrow I posted “My list of 37” – 37 things I wanted to do during my 37th year.  This evening I’m closing out my 37th year by looking back and seeing how I did…

Be my own soulmate – For a while I did REALLY well with this.  Little did I know …

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Jun 15

Completing what I’ve started

Today I finished a project. A really big project. With a really real deadline. It’s so exciting to take something from the very beginning where the page is blank…to completion where the filled page goes to the printer.

About a month ago the newspaper asked me if I would come on full time for a …

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