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Aug 06

Walking down the aisle

This weekend my predecessor at the newspaper came back to the area for a wedding.  Today she sent a really touching story about loyalty, commitment and focus.  She suggested that it might be good for The Journal.

I look up to Gail and respect her so much; I’m really honored to highlight her story and …

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Apr 23

My favorite baby-squared

You may recall some mentions of my favorite baby in the world.  She has grown up enough now that I have to call her my favorite little girl in the world.

She stole my heart the first time I met her because there’s a special spark of sweet impishness in her eyes. I love how …

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Feb 15

An unexpected baby

Leta Hamilton

Tonight’s guest post comes from Leta Hamilton.  I cannot tell a lie – it brought a tear (or six) to my eyes when I read it:

As I write this, I am holding our three-month-old fourth son. After our third, my husband had a vasectomy. Two years later, I was into personal fitness again – …

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Apr 09

A dysfunctional family miracle

Tonight a friend mentioned my post from earlier this week about my grandfather. It expanded to a longer conversation about family dynamics and led me down a garden path of family memories that I haven’t traveled in a while. Unlike some of the other experiences I’ve related recently of re-visiting old memories, this was not …

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