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Sep 19

Sorting out money shame

Tonight I heard a story about someone who has a lot of money – as in a LOT of money because of family connections – and hides that fact.  Apparently because he has rather small town values, he is ashamed of having this big-city kind of money.  Which got me thinking about how many of …

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Sep 18

Money and Cinnamon

I found the issue in my checkbook!  All by myself!  I feel really proud of myself for sticking it out and coming at it in a systematic way, rather than getting flustered and overwhelmed.  I just kept chipping away at it, finding small errors…then finding a big error…and finally matching the bank.  What a relief!

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Sep 18

The Miracle Challenge – day #4

Good morning everyone!

This morning I thought I’d do a run-down of our participants thus far.

We have 19 people who have made declarations!  And I’ve gotten emails from a couple more people who will be joining us, which puts us well over the 20 mark.  Just think – 20 people for 30 days – …

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Sep 16

Finding peace in the chaos

Having declared my willingness to look at financial issues in my life, once again tonight I seem to be face to face with it.

Tonight I sat down to reconcile my checkbook and then pay my bills (after the credit card scare yesterday, I want those puppies taken care of!)

I’d like to think of …

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Sep 15

They’ve got my attention

Wow! I’m thrilled to see the things that people are posting on The Miracle Challenge Declaration!  If you haven’t posted yours, click here and let us know where you’ll be creating miracles for the next 30 days!

I’m amazed at how I made the commitment to work on money and the Universe is tossing my …

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Sep 14

Show Me The Money!

As I’ve mentioned, I’m planning to address my finances in the 30-Day Miracle Challenge.  Today I had an opportunity to step up to the plate and make that commitment in an even more concrete way.

Today I received a check that I knew was probably in error.  I also knew that if I didn’t say …

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Aug 16

Giving AND Receiving

Last night I talked with a friend about what a challenge it is for each of us to receive help around finances.  We each carry the thought that we created our situation, so it must be our responsibility to solve it.  We each expressed the thought that accepting financial help from someone would only increase …

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Apr 04

The miracle of having friends in the know

Today I was reviewing my invoices from January through March to see what was still outstanding. My QuickBooks has a funky *ahem* feature that doesn’t allow me to manually record payments against invoices.  It only allows them to record properly if it figures it out – sort of like a precocious three-year-old who is convinced …

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