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Jun 24

Moving energy

I’ve had a bee in my bonnet for the last couple of weeks about rearranging the furniture in my apartment.

Today the bee finally moved from my bonnet into my legs and arms and I started moving stuff around.  After about an hour and a half (and one spilled container of sand and one broken …

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Jun 03

The reunion vs. social anxiety

As a kid, I was extremely shy. I was so introverted it was painful. There were trusted family friends who I let loose with; but I preferred to see the bigger world from behind my mother’s skirt.

By high school, I learned some social skills. I felt completely at home in our theater building and …

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May 06

An ode to friendship

A friend who listens when you’re whining and loves you anyway.

A friend who listens to you bitch and then lets out an explosive “Motherf****r!” at exactly the right moment.

A friend who has a way of cheering you up and making you laugh even though 20 minutes ago you felt like you might never …

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Apr 10

The first boy who touched my breasts

(Yes, the title is entirely accurate and I also promise this post is completely PG-13. 🙂 )

When it came to dating and sex, I was a very slow starter.  By the time I went to college, I’d kissed a boy but that was it. My freshman year I had two dates – one was …

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Mar 12

Magnetizing Success

A couple days ago I mentioned my friend Sheila, and shared part of our email conversation with you. What I didn’t share was how we met each other.

Sheila is a recent friend.  We met by email a couple of months ago when she was looking for a guest for her podcast, Magnetize Success.  I …

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Mar 11

Is the buzzing in my head bothering you?

Today I went to lunch with a new friend – someone I’ve been wanting to get to know for a while, but our schedules hadn’t matched up until today. The beginning of our meeting was hilarious – the restaurant we were going to meet at was closed, she had trouble finding a space to park …

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Feb 28

The teddy bear

I’m having a hard time settling myself to write tonight.  Perhaps it’s because I just came from a writing group so I’m a little hyped up, and also a little written-out.

At the writing group we wrote about our favorite toys.  The obvious choice for me was my teddy bear, Rachel.  I got her on …

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Dec 01

Joining a community

I’ve been doing this journaling thing for almost a year now (can you believe it?!?  Today is the start of the twelfth month!)  Despite regularly telling myself that I should start engaging with other bloggers, I haven’t done it.  The only blog I’ve been reading regularly is Momma Sunshine‘s.

Frankly, I feel awkward about the …

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