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Mar 30

The voice mail miracle

My phone rang and I didn’t answer it. I was hanging out with my mom, watching a movie, and I figured everyone else could wait.

Moments later my cell phone rang.

Someone must want to get hold of me pretty badly. There is a very short list of people who will call both phones in …

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Feb 19

The miracle of self-respect

This evening I had a sneak peek into my own sense of self-respect and I’m happy to report that I’m pleased with what I saw! 🙂

I spent this evening with a group of friends – well, two friends and three people I don’t know very well.  We were playing a board game (Settlers of …

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Feb 06

The miracle of miracles

Since I started writing up my miracles, an interesting thing has happened…I’ve gotten messages from several friends saying that I’m a miracle in their lives!  In fact that’s usually the subject line or the first sentence of the message – “You’re my miracle!”  And then they tell me some way that I’ve affected them in …

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