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Jul 31

I’m finally on the right path

Tonight was the first Monthly Miracle Makeover session and I’m SO JAZZED!  The people who showed up were absolutely wonderful and I left feeling great.  Which is exactly what I had set as my intention – to leave feeling fulfilled and excited to start planning next month’s session!

After the Dowsers’ Convention in June, I …

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Mar 07

What a difference a year makes

Tonight I went to a high school basketball game.  To give you some perspective on what a big deal that is, I don’t think I ever went to a basketball game when I was in high school.  (I went to a couple of basketball practices when I was in college because the Boston Celtics practiced …

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Aug 10

What feeds you?

I was on the phone with a friend tonight talking about writing and publishing and I heard a really interesting sentence come out of my own mouth: “Writing the Journal has been great because I feel like it’s feeding me rather than me feeding it.”

That’s so true!  There have been so many things in …

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Jun 05

My list of 37

If it wasn’t clear already, let me now make it official – 2011 is the Year of the Miracle.  Today is my 37th birthday.  Since it is a birthday in the midst of the Miraculous Year, I’m guessing that 37 is pretty much going to be a COMPLETELY RockStar year!

Three weeks ago my friend …

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Jan 13

The miracle of dreams deferred

Last year, I had the opportunity to enter a couple of contests that promised a lot of exposure and acclaim in my chosen field if I won.  Each of them required a video entry, so for about a month my apartment looked more like a television studio than a place where someone would comfortably live.

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