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Nov 20

Letting the past be the past

Last night I introduced you to several of the women I met over the weekend, including a beautiful young woman named Jen.  There was one piece of the story that I neglected to share, so tonight I’m giving you – as Paul Harvey would say – the rest of the story…

As you all know …

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Jul 25

The makeup guardian angel

A couple of weeks ago I sent my friend Nerma this message:

“Would you teach me about makeup? Apparently I missed that class in high school and you got an A+.”

You may remember Nerma from the day of trying on wedding dresses.  She’s fresh out of college and worked for a while as our …

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May 22

Summer adventure

Last year I made two lists at the beginning of summer – one was my List of 37, which I’ll review here soon. The other was a list I didn’t post on the Journal; it was my list of things I wanted to do during the summer.

I just caught sight of that summer list …

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Mar 28

The OOPS! secret

Remember the Dollar Store Treasure Hunt challenge from a couple weeks ago?

I got this wonderful submission from Susan in response. She works with kids and parents who are dealing with ADHD:

I want to share this dollar store find! I didn’t go to a dollar store last week but I do pop into them …

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Jan 22

They Googled what?!

Today I’ve spent a bunch of time considering how to get the word out to a wider audience about The Miracle Journal, and also how to make some money from this endeavor.  I’m not expecting to quit my job or anything but as I work my way out of debt, every extra dollar helps.

I …

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Dec 28

A new writing group

Tonight I attended a local writing group for the first time and had a terrific evening. I walked in feeling pretty sad (more on that tomorrow) and by the end of the evening I was laughing hysterically.

We did one exercise where everyone wrote a short paragraph of a story and passed it around the …

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Dec 13

The scavenger hunt

With six weeks and 2,500 miles between us, Mr. Blue Eyes and I needed a time to have fun together.  We still talk for a couple hours most nights, but sometimes those conversations just serve to highlight the distance between us.

So I decided it was time to have an evening to laugh together! Play …

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