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May 27

Giving and receiving…and asking for what we want

I’ve had two conversations in the last week that have got me thinking about what it means to give and receive, and also how important it is to ask for what we want.

I have a friend who is preparing to make a big move.  She’s been in the same Arizona-desert city for a long …

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Mar 12

When grandparents come to visit

A quick note before I get to tonight’s guest post – I just ran into a woman who I know, but rarely see.  I was so touched when she made a point to ask me how my book proposal going – she could only know about it through this Journal and Facebook.  It reminded me …

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Jul 30

Three perfect gifts

I have received three Perfect Gifts in my life.  No, not the type that come out of a genie lamp or are bestowed by fairies upon a child’s birth.  I’m talking honest-to-goodness gifts that I could hold in my hand and unwrap.

What made them perfect?  Each of them was so incredible because I felt …

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Jul 03

A supercalifragilistic surprise!

Over the last month I’ve written a couple of times about introversion – the first time was after my high school reunion where I let my anxiety get the better of me.  The second time was a couple weeks later when God spoke directly to me to say that it’s okay to be myself – …

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Apr 05

Unexpected gift

Julie, a good friend from high school, posted this on Facebook the other day:

“Look what I found on a wreath on our door! So neat! Hope the babies are ok…

I was just so excited to discover that my “dead” Christmas wreath has provided protection and a home for some …

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