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Oct 07

I need help

“I need help.”

Over the past several years, I’ve gotten pretty good at knowing my own mind and asking for what I need. But hot, fat tears ran down my cheeks as I typed those three words.

The logjam started a couple months ago while I was working on the 175th anniversary special edition for …

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Sep 07

Snap Judgment – It’s a miracle!

I was just in the car listening to a show that I’ve never heard before called “Snap Judgment”.  The story they were telling blew me away and I knew I HAD to share it here.  This is a story of miracles from beginning to end – and so beautifully told.  It’s about 12 minutes long …

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Sep 28

One deadline at a time

Back in mid-August I wrote about getting an assignment at the newspaper to do a six-part series on the economy. It was an absolutely terrifying assignment because I know nothing – NOTHING! – about economics.

After stewing in my own juices for a few days, I finally realized that maybe I didn’t have to do …

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Aug 17

Letting go of “stupid”

Yesterday I had a crappy day. Really, really crappy. I’ve been given an assignment at the newspaper that has left me feeling over my head and completely lost – why do I have to be the one to do a multi-part series on the economy when I know absolutely jack-all about the economy?!?!?  In fact, …

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