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Nov 08

The babysitter

I’m always struck by the idea that we can be having a profound impact on someone and not even know it. I wonder if that’s the case in tonight’s guest entry?

This miracle was submitted through the website by Devin Hughes:

Growing up as a bi-racial child in the 1970s, I was confused …

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Jul 29

The Hope Van

I have just returned home from a truly remarkable experience.  This is one of those “someone is guiding my steps” moments.

This afternoon I went to the grocery store for my weekly shopping.  To get home, I needed to pull out of the parking lot onto a little access road that is shared with WalMart.  …

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Mar 06

Emerging from hibernation

When 2011 ended and took with it the relationship I had hoped might last forever, I spent a lot of time questioning myself.  Never having given my heart fully before, the relationship represented a whole new world for me.

**Let me insert here – I’m not trying to withhold anything by being vague.  If you’ve …

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