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Mar 14

The divine cuddle

This beautiful miracle – and important reminder – comes from reader Lisa:

Any parent who has ever had a toddler creep into their bed in the wee hours of the night know . . . there is little to no rest from that point on.

This was the case for my …

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Jul 16

A huge shot of adrenaline

I have the luxury of not having to punch a time clock at work. As long as I keep within reasonable limits and get all my work done, no one says much about when I come in or leave. Which means that while I always have good intentions of getting in by 9 a.m., I’m …

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Sep 15

They’ve got my attention

Wow! I’m thrilled to see the things that people are posting on The Miracle Challenge Declaration!  If you haven’t posted yours, click here and let us know where you’ll be creating miracles for the next 30 days!

I’m amazed at how I made the commitment to work on money and the Universe is tossing my …

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