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Sep 03

My pledge to love

This is my pledge…

I will trust you enough to tell you the truth as I know it in any given moment.

I won’t disappear without a word. If I need space or time, I will tell you.

When I fuck up – and I will – I will own up to it.  I will …

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Jan 10

Sickbed humor

For anyone keeping score, today was my EIGHTH day in bed with what I have now learned is the “norovirus.”  Although I’m feeling much more human today, I’m still coughing a lot and feeling exhausted, so I’m going to spend one more day working from home.  Then the weekend to rest and hopefully I’ll be …

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Oct 04

Laughter IS the best medicine

Here’s a lovely miracle from comedian Jim Dailakis:

As a world traveling comedian, one of my finest miracles occurred when I was performing in Chicago two years ago. To me, being the catalyst for a roomful of happy people laughing collectively is a miracle in and of itself.

On this particular …

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May 06

An ode to friendship

A friend who listens when you’re whining and loves you anyway.

A friend who listens to you bitch and then lets out an explosive “Motherf****r!” at exactly the right moment.

A friend who has a way of cheering you up and making you laugh even though 20 minutes ago you felt like you might never …

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Nov 30

The miracle of laughter

I am blessed to have so many people in my life who make me laugh!  No matter what mood I’m in, Mr. Blue Eyes can make me laugh like crazy.

In the newsroom, I’m constantly surrounded by inanity – some of which is truly hilarious.

Every single person who I count amongst my closest friends …

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Oct 16

The miracle of laughter

MBE and I just returned from a long weekend on the Maine coast.  It was pretty perfect.  🙂

I have two favorite parts of our time together – our really intellectual conversations and how much we make each other laugh.

Tonight, MBE and I were in the grocery store together and we were laughing like …

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Jul 03

Living Today For Evie – a repost

Earlier today a friend sent me this post that was written by Angie Miller, one of Evie Spodnik’s colleagues.  It captures her spirit so perfectly that I feel compelled to quote her here.  You can find the original post at: http://nhtoy2011.blogspot.com/2011/07/living-today-for-evie.html

There was a gathering tonight of Evie’s Sacred Circle Dance community and people traveled …

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Apr 30

The miracle of the two Marcia’s

I had expected to be too busy to post anything this weekend, but I’ve just experienced something so fantastic that I couldn’t NOT tell you about it!!

This weekend is the annual Toastmasters Conference and International Speech Contest for my district, and it happens that my home club is hosting the contest (which is fantastic, …

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