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Dec 13

The scavenger hunt

With six weeks and 2,500 miles between us, Mr. Blue Eyes and I needed a time to have fun together.  We still talk for a couple hours most nights, but sometimes those conversations just serve to highlight the distance between us.

So I decided it was time to have an evening to laugh together! Play …

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Dec 06

A new book

One of the things that Mr. Blue Eyes and I do together is read books and discuss them.  Can I tell you what a joy that is for me?  I’ve always wanted to be able to do that with a partner.

This week we’re starting a new book that we’re both excited about – Undefended …

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Nov 28

Trusting Us

I had a remarkable realization over the weekend about my relationship with Mr. Blue Eyes – I love him enough to let him go if I had to.

Before anyone goes getting worried, no, we’re not breaking up.  Nothing like that.  🙂

We spent a lot of time talking on the phone over the weekend. …

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Nov 23

Thanksgiving miracles

As I mentioned last night, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.  Of course I like to find things to be grateful for each day (hence I write on The Miracle Journal!) but it’s also nice to have an entire day to really focus on what’s best in life.

So tonight I’m thinking about the things in …

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Nov 20

My business soulmate

Earlier this year I spent a couple of weeks working on a list of the qualities I wanted to manifest in a love partner/soul mate.  It’s a long list, filled with qualities rather than specifics (ie – talking about being generous rather than how much money he makes each year.)  It’s been a while since …

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Nov 18

The grand gesture

Today Mr. Blue Eyes finally made it home.  After almost two months on the road, he’ll sleep in his own bed again tonight.

I tell you this because I feel oddly better now that he’s home.  I still miss him like CRAZY, but I feel a little more stable knowing that he’s in one place …

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Nov 09

The greatest gift

During Mr. Blue Eyes‘ visit I didn’t watch any television, so I’m doing a bit of catch up since he left.  Tonight I watched a couple of episodes of Glee.

There was one scene in the episode “Asian F” that blew me away. It’s the one where Mr. Schue fronts the club as they sing …

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Nov 07

Don’t wait

The last week has been tough for a lot of reasons…not least of which is having to be apart from Mr. Blue Eyes after spending a solid month together.  Who knew I would miss him this much?  While he was here I fell more and more deeply in love with him. As amazing as that …

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