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Nov 01

Complementary strengths (and weaknesses)

Day #2 apart from Mr. Blue Eyes and I’m still standing! 🙂

While he was here, I ended up going to bed at 9:30 most nights because that’s when he would fall asleep and I wanted to be with him.  So out of habit last night I went to bed at 9:30.  Without him there …

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Oct 31

Go west, young man

Today was the day – after a beautiful month together, Mr. Blue Eyes had to get on his chariot and begin winging his way home to the Southwest. It would be fair to say that a large number of tears were shed this morning.

But that’s not the whole story.  I don’t want to …

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Oct 27

A good influence

I’ve gotten emails from people over the last days asking if everything is all right. Yes, everything is fine and I am grateful for your concern.

Mr. Blue Eyes has been here with me for the past month and he is in the final days of his visit, so I am spending every available moment …

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Oct 24

Beard trimming

Miracle #1 – I was really cranky today and I managed to keep it to myself all day while at work.  I didn’t snap at anyone!  🙂

Miracle #2 – Since he got here, MBE hasn’t had a beard trim.  To me it doesn’t make much difference, but he’s mentioned it a few times.  Tonight …

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Oct 23

The financial revelation

Today I had just about the most perfect Sunday I can imagine with MBE.  🙂  He’s been here for three weeks with one more week to go and I’m trying to stay present and savor every moment – knowing there will be many times in the weeks and months to come when I will wish …

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Oct 20

Perfect Poetry

A few days after Evie’s death in a fire, MBE sent me a poem that was absolutely perfect in the moment.  It is written by a poet and teacher from the Southwest named Darshan.  It reads:

There is nothing like

the burning bridge

behind You

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Oct 16

The miracle of laughter

MBE and I just returned from a long weekend on the Maine coast.  It was pretty perfect.  🙂

I have two favorite parts of our time together – our really intellectual conversations and how much we make each other laugh.

Tonight, MBE and I were in the grocery store together and we were laughing like …

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Oct 13


Tonight I was reminded of one of the phone conversations in which I knew that MBE and I were a good match.  Wait, did I just say good?  That doesn’t really cover it appropriately.

One night, very early in our phone courtship, we were talking late into the night about…something…I have no idea what. I …

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