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Oct 13

The Miracle Challenge, day #29


I’ve just had such a huge revelation about money that I’m going to put it in the text of the post rather than as a regular Miracle Challenge entry in the comments.

Money was a huge issue in my last relationship.  One of the biggest. He often said that he felt I was …

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Oct 10

Seeing the big picture

A few weeks ago I wrote about recognizing that I’m a stage manager, not a producer.  I’ve had another revelation along those lines.

I’m a big picture thinker.  It got really clear to me yesterday when I was on the back of MBE‘s motorcycle.  This has been a glorious foliage season – perhaps not as …

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Oct 09

Growing up

I am not old.  Let’s just be clear about that.  However I am, apparently, aging.  Recently I’ve had two people say to me variations of “Well, you’re 37, so you’re coming to the end of your fertile years.”  Here’s the issue – don’t these people know that I STILL FEEL 25?!?!?!?

Okay, it’s true that …

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Oct 06

Singing out loud

Last night I had to do some website client work when I got home from the newspaper, so MBE offered to make dinner (did I mention in last night’s post that he’s in town? Color me happy! :-))

While I was working, I turned on some music and started singing along.  I was so focused …

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Oct 05

The Big Reveal

A few eagle-eyed readers have asked over the last few months if something was going on that I haven’t been talking about. The truth is…yes.  I have been keeping something to myself.  A tiny seed of beauty and joy.  Something that I wanted to hold close so I could give it air and sunshine and …

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