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Mar 13

Better late than never

This miracle came from Abdo Salem through the website.

This happened 1980. I was a Naval officer and I was to go to my unit
every day in the morning. One day I got up late about two hours. I was in great tension that I would be punished for it or at …

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Jun 21

Who is deserving?

Today I had lunch with Peggy Nolan, a woman who I can already tell is going to be an incredibly dynamic presence in my life. We connected because both her husband and her son-in-law are deployed National Guardsmen.  She runs workshops for stepmothers and a whole host of other really cool stuff. (If you’re interested, …

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May 08

The miracle of remembering what I do here

I’ve been so wrapped up in the craziness going on in my head and in my world for the last week that I forgot to do the very basics…acknowledge the really cool stuff (ahem – miracles) that happened this week.

So here goes – a smattering of how cool life really is when I get …

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Feb 11

The miracle of releasing pressure

Today I had a phone meeting with a man who has successfully traveled the same path that I hope to travel – taking a theatre program on to military bases.  It’s a meeting that I’ve been eagerly anticipating for a couple of weeks…and also building up a terrible case of nerves.  In my mind, I …

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Jan 29

The miracle of friends who tell the truth

I think that one of the most loving gifts we can give to each other is the full, honest truth.  I don’t mean the kind of brings-you-to-your-knees tirades that pass for “truth” on reality television.  I mean the kind of truth that is spoken with love and honor for both the giver and the recipient.

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Jan 27

The miracle of opening doors in my mind

I have been working very hard for the last couple of months on a project proposal to work with the military on a program for military spouses.  As is my habit, I’ve been eating, sleeping, breathing, thinking, and talking about almost nothing else for quite a while (well, I might have talked about a few

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