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Mar 31

Thinking INSIDE the box

I must admit that I haven’t been quite as focused on doing my posts here for the last several weeks because I’ve been working so intensively on this online course I’m taking.  The good news about that is that I’m developing SO much new material to share with you in the coming weeks and months …

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May 31

Making mistakes

As I went through my email inbox last night, I discovered a message from a website client that had somehow slipped by me. I had clearly opened it, but I don’t remember having read it. It was a time-sensitive email that needed to be acted upon before Memorial Day weekend and by the time I …

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Mar 10

Oops! The Miracle

Today I made a big, dumb mistake.  I’ll spare you (and myself) the details, but let’s just say it’s in the general category of hitting “Reply All” to the entire office when you really, really didn’t mean to.

But here’s the thing – after indulging in about 30 seconds of “How the hell could you …

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