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May 13

A done deal

HELLOOOOO!  Long time, no write.  🙂

Last week turned out to be a completely unexpected hiatus from the Journal because I had to focus all my attention on what was in front of me.  However there is a very happy ending to this story.

On Friday, I officially turned my website development and maintenance business …

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Apr 03

The $700 car repair

It occurred to me today that I haven’t done a financial update since the beginning of February – and there’s good stuff to report, so let’s get caught up!

When last we talked finances, I was expecting February to be a lean month.  I knew that I’d make enough to cover my expenses, but I …

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Mar 01

Tuition PAID

Tonight our guest post comes from Ashley Karr.  I spent a little time wandering around her site this evening and I really like the work that she’s doing.  Here’s a story about how she got there:

“I was a month away from completing my master’s degree and very low on cash. My web-based business was …

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Feb 29

How am I like a K-Cup?

Here is a lovely thing about the newsroom – they really appreciate me.  I don’t think I’ve ever felt as appreciated as I do there.  For instance, this week the big news has been that they got one of those K-Cup coffeemakers.  To say that there are almost hourly spasms of delight from all corners …

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Feb 27

Destroying the rich bitch

On my drive home tonight I had a conversation with myself that ended much differently than I expected.  And let me get this out of the way – I’m not happy about how it ended.  I exposed one of my own prejudices to myself and it’s decidedly uncomfortable.

Recently I’ve been listening to recordings of …

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Feb 09

February financial update

Financial Freedom

Here is the second of my monthly check-ins on how I’m doing with paying down debt and getting my financial life in order.

Last month I set the goal of putting an extra $1000 payment toward credit card debt.  However part way through the month I decided to make an adjustment in my spreadsheet – …

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Feb 02

A miracle blender

A blender of a miracle

Recently I reached out to other writers to share their “everyday miracles”.  Periodically I’ll share some of their responses with you.  Tonight is the first.

This miracle was sent in by Jacinta Mpalyenkan:

My most recent miracle is about a blender that I bought for my mother awhile back. After about 9 months of usage, …

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Jan 15

January financial update

After talking so much about finances over the last few months, I’ve decided to start chronicling how I’m doing with paying down debt and improving my financial situation.

The spreadsheet – you can DOWNLOAD a copy

At the end of October I created a KICK-ASS spreadsheet to track my money.  And when I see KICK-ASS, …

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