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Mar 13

What do you want?

I was going to share one video with you tonight…and then I saw a second one and knew that I needed to share it as well…and then I saw a third one that made me laugh so hard I almost peed my pants, and knew I had to share that as well!

Then I wondered …

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Dec 02

A surprise Messiah

A friend on Facebook shared this story today and I immediately knew it would be perfect for The Miracle Journal!  Charlotte was kind enough to give me permission to share it with you here:

A few months ago I went to see the Lyon Opera house on a guided tour, it was very …

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Oct 08

Miracle through music

I love this guest post by musician Natalia Paruz, who calls herself the “Saw Lady”:

I am a busker who plays the musical saw in the New York City subway.

One day I played at Times Square. A small crowd of people gathered around me. On my right side a …

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Oct 01

We all speak bagpipe

Okay, okay – maybe we don’t ALL speak bagpipe, but it’s a great line from my VERY FIRST MIRACLE JOURNAL VIDEO PROJECT entry!!!!!!!!!!  🙂

Can I just get a whoop whoop?  (Yes, I’m excited enough that I actually just did a whoop whoop.  Which I’m pretty sure I’ve never EVER done in writing before.)

As …

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Jul 22

The amazingness of Regina Carter

This weekend I had the great good fortune of seeing Regina Carter in performance.  She is a phenomenal jazz violinist and she very clearly LOVES what she is doing.

I’ve admired Ms. Carter’s work for a few years, so having the opportunity to hear her play in an intimate venue 10 minutes from my home …

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Apr 12

The Tango Flamenco

Tonight’s guest post comes from Brenda Della Casa.

Here’s what I love about her story – it’s about the little things.  The music on the radio and the flowers on the table.  Sometimes we get confused; we think that miracles have to be BIG.  The little moments are sometimes even more satisfying.

Yesterday, as I …

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Jan 12

Narrow Daylight

I heard this song for the first time today in a few months and remembered how much it speaks to me.  The truth is that I am stronger than I believe. No matter how sad I am now, there was a time earlier in my life that was so much harder and I believe (and …

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Jul 06

The Miracle of the Mix Tape, part 2

The last week has been filled with stunning highs and unspeakable lows. My mind feels like it’s filled with a thousand bees that won’t stop buzzing.

One thing that has been a saving grace this week is the mix CD that I’ve got in my car.  It’s the CD I made after writing “The Miracle …

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