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Jan 22

That scary feeling

Today I interrupted myself in the middle of a pattern – jumping into something too soon, not feeling totally prepared, trying to give away too much of myself because I wasn’t totally centered in my own space yet…wanting people to like me.

Not only did I interrupt it, but it happened in a moment when …

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Mar 18

Juicy Dollar Store Update

If you’re on my newsletter mailing list, you got the first “Juicy Tips For Miraculous Living” last Tuesday (if you’re not on the mailing list, sign up in the box to the left).  In it, I suggested taking a trip to the dollar store to indulge the little kid inside of you who loves to …

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Mar 05

Juicy Tips For Miraculous Living

It’s almost here everybody!!! I’ve spent the last couple of weeks working on my new weekly emails: Juicy Tips For Miraculous Living!!

They’ll officially start next Tuesday, but tomorrow afternoon (Tuesday the 6th) I’m sending out an introductory sneak peek.  If you’re not already a subscriber to my mailing list, what are you waiting for???

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