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Oct 11

Looking for a fight?

Two interesting things have intersected for me and tonight it’s got me thinking about the nature of pain and healing.

Yesterday someone named Thomas put up a comment on the post Clearing the Bookshelf, in which I talked about letting go of books that brought up a sense of guilt in me because I felt …

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Jan 27

The miracle of opening doors in my mind

I have been working very hard for the last couple of months on a project proposal to work with the military on a program for military spouses.  As is my habit, I’ve been eating, sleeping, breathing, thinking, and talking about almost nothing else for quite a while (well, I might have talked about a few

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Jan 13

The miracle of dreams deferred

Last year, I had the opportunity to enter a couple of contests that promised a lot of exposure and acclaim in my chosen field if I won.  Each of them required a video entry, so for about a month my apartment looked more like a television studio than a place where someone would comfortably live.

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