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Oct 11

A perfect creature never fails

I love the show Survivor.  I watched in the early days (oh Colby, why did you take Tina to the finals with you?), then I drifted away. I’ve been back for the last four or five seasons, and I have to admit that I can’t get enough of it.  I even watch the “Ponderosa” clips …

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Jul 16

A huge shot of adrenaline

I have the luxury of not having to punch a time clock at work. As long as I keep within reasonable limits and get all my work done, no one says much about when I come in or leave. Which means that while I always have good intentions of getting in by 9 a.m., I’m …

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Jun 14

Learning (wait for it) patience

A couple of months ago, I started doing some layout at the newspaper. Often it’s just one page a day, but sometimes it’s as much as 8 pages in a day. I enjoy it – it activates that part of my brain that really loves two-dimensional puzzles.

However…I’m really, really, really, really slooooooooooooow at it.  …

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Jun 04

The “List Of 37” in review

One year ago tomorrow I posted “My list of 37” – 37 things I wanted to do during my 37th year.  This evening I’m closing out my 37th year by looking back and seeing how I did…

Be my own soulmate – For a while I did REALLY well with this.  Little did I know …

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May 29

Perfection vs. deadlines

Tonight’s post is a bit early because we have big thunderstorms rolling through and I want to turn my computer back off in a few minutes.

This last week has been another exercise in letting go of perfection for me.  I had a big project at the newspaper that kind of kicked my butt. At …

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May 02

One perfect stroke

When I do Miracle Journal interviews, I often talk about how I now go through my days wondering, “Is this experience or conversation or person my miracle for the day?” Despite the anticipation of the question, the answer is often not so clear cut. Except today.

As I stood in a fabulous shop in downtown …

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Mar 20

Why I won’t follow a guru

Recently I had a conversation with a friend about the idea of gurus and she said, “You have to write this on The Journal!” It has been on my mind ever since, but I’ve never had quite the right provocation.

Then comes Brené Brown and gives me exactly what I need.

Dr. Brown has created …

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Jan 16

The freedom of childhood

Over the weekend I got to spend an evening with my friend Bethany and her adorable 2-year-old daughter T. We hadn’t seen each other in a while, so this was the first time I got to meet T. She’s a bundle of energy and a firecracker.  She was also amazingly willing to entertain herself with …

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