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Sep 16

The Miracle of Maine

I’m still settling back in after a week away, so I thought I’d grab the last few moments to share the beauty and joy where I’ve spent the last week.

At the top is a short video of the place I was.  Below is a little photo essay from my time away. 🙂


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Nov 22

In the ears, out the fingers

Several people have asked me how I slept last night.  Quite well, thank you.  🙂  I still had to slog through another day feeling over tired, but I’m sure that by tomorrow I’ll have it back together after my sleepless night!

Here’s what I love about working at the newspaper: today I had the opportunity …

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Aug 24

A menagerie of miracles

From the archives of “Well duh!” – I realized last night that after I write an emotionally draining piece (as I did on Monday), I’m — imagine this — emotionally drained the next day!!!  Shocker.  Which explains my absence yesterday.  I’m back today with a whole little menagerie of miracles.

#1 – I sat in …

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Jun 08

Shedding my shyness, part 2

This shedding my shyness thing is turning out to be really interesting. Today I had a chance to shoot some pictures of people cooling off at a swimming hole nearby for the newspaper. It was really fun because I got to hop around on the rocks and talk to several different people.

A little further …

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Apr 01

The miracle of spinning wheels…or not

It snowed today.  A lot.  No April Fools.  Just a whole bunch of heavy, wet snow.

I contemplated not going into the newspaper, but I was pretty sure that if I drove slowly enough I’d be fine.  The first half of the drive it was clear sailing – no problem.  The second half was kind …

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