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Apr 25

Giving up the ghost

A couple of times I’ve written in these pages about particularly powerful and important dreams that I’ve had.

Two years ago, I wrote about a night when I woke up and couldn’t remember my name or who I was, but felt completely at one with the universe.

A couple months later, I wrote about a …

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Jun 09

Appropriate use of power

I had an interesting conversation with a wonderful friend today that got me thinking about personal power and how we use it.

Holly lost her husband suddenly a couple of years ago. His death was a shock for everyone who knew him, but I can’t even imagine how devastating it was for her – they …

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May 10

The Miracle of Heaven and Hell

Girlfriends, tacos, popcorn, chocolate, and a movie.  All wonderful ingredients to make a girls’ night out.

It started with a town-wide blackout.  We were supposed to meet at 5:30 for dinner, and the power went out about 4:45.  I didn’t know whether we’d be able to eat because I thought restaurants would have to close …

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