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May 27

Giving and receiving…and asking for what we want

I’ve had two conversations in the last week that have got me thinking about what it means to give and receive, and also how important it is to ask for what we want.

I have a friend who is preparing to make a big move.  She’s been in the same Arizona-desert city for a long …

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Sep 05

The motorcycle trip

Hi everybody!  Here’s a mid-vacation miracle that’s too juicy not to post…

As I mentioned a while back, the plan with my friend who I’m visiting right now is to take a multi-day motorcycle ride. It’s particularly exciting because a few months ago I wrote a list of things that I wanted to do this …

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Aug 30

Taking a stand

Today I had a conversation that sent me into a bit of a tailspin.  Nothing bad, but I saw once again that I have not yet started standing up for myself in business situations as well as I do in personal matters.  I know that it’s a matter of practice, but it still frustrates me …

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Aug 16

Giving AND Receiving

Last night I talked with a friend about what a challenge it is for each of us to receive help around finances.  We each carry the thought that we created our situation, so it must be our responsibility to solve it.  We each expressed the thought that accepting financial help from someone would only increase …

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