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Sep 03

My pledge to love

This is my pledge…

I will trust you enough to tell you the truth as I know it in any given moment.

I won’t disappear without a word. If I need space or time, I will tell you.

When I fuck up – and I will – I will own up to it.  I will …

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May 28

Emotional hangover, part 2

Last week I wrote about feeling an emotional hangover from a major recognition and restructuring of my own reality.

The truth is that a week later, I’m still there.  I’m emotionally exhausted and still working things through in my mind and heart.  This isn’t an easy place for me to be in.

My last relationship …

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Mar 20

Why I won’t follow a guru

Recently I had a conversation with a friend about the idea of gurus and she said, “You have to write this on The Journal!” It has been on my mind ever since, but I’ve never had quite the right provocation.

Then comes Brené Brown and gives me exactly what I need.

Dr. Brown has created …

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Mar 06

Emerging from hibernation

When 2011 ended and took with it the relationship I had hoped might last forever, I spent a lot of time questioning myself.  Never having given my heart fully before, the relationship represented a whole new world for me.

**Let me insert here – I’m not trying to withhold anything by being vague.  If you’ve …

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Feb 14

A Valentine’s Day meditation

I can’t say that I’m much in the Valentine’s Day mood this year.  Had things been different, I would be on vacation in New Mexico right now.

But alas, I find myself single on Valentine’s Day.  Which reminds me of a conversation I had with fellow blogger Momma Sunshine a couple of weeks ago.  She …

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Dec 29

The end of a beautiful relationship

This is a post I never, ever wanted to write. But here goes…

On Tuesday evening Mr. Blue Eyes and I decided to end our relationship. It was not a decision that was taken lightly by either of us and I think we’re both a bit heartbroken. Ultimately it was the right decision, but that …

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Dec 12

A safe place to land

Yesterday I had the chance to sit with my friend Becky and write.  We’re both writers – and spend a fair amount of time writing on our own – but there’s something really special about sitting with another writer and having instant feedback.  I loved how present Becky was while she was listening and the …

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Oct 22

Miracle Challenge wrap-up and prizes

Hi everyone,

The results are in from The Miracle Challenge!!  There were 20 people who participated to varying degrees. Of those who participated regularly, the topics addressed were:

  • Overcoming negative self-talk
  • Becoming more mindful
  • Experiencing joy
  • Finding joy in a new life situation
  • Opening to new relationships
  • Changing attitudes around finances

It’s an …

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