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Jan 22

That scary feeling

Today I interrupted myself in the middle of a pattern – jumping into something too soon, not feeling totally prepared, trying to give away too much of myself because I wasn’t totally centered in my own space yet…wanting people to like me.

Not only did I interrupt it, but it happened in a moment when …

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Sep 19

Do the hard thing FIRST

At some point when I was in college, I came up with the mantra, “Do the hard thing FIRST!” I put it up on signs, which solicited many giggles – we were all frisky teenagers, after all.  🙂

For me it was never about tackling the hardest project first. Rather, it was about making the …

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Sep 17

Miraculous Jewelry

This vacation in Maine was one of the best I’ve ever had. There are a bunch of reasons for that, but one of the biggest is… MONEY!

I’ve been on various kinds of vacations in the past:

  • the ones where someone else was paying and I was stressed out about how much money they …

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Nov 15

Letting go…of a treadmill

First of all – 117 likes on last night’s post…and still counting!  Wow!  I’m assuming that a fair number of those are from new readers. I’m very pleased to welcome you to The Miracle Journal.  If you’ve got a miracle that you’d like to share, please click here.  I post reader-submitted miracles periodically.

On to …

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May 16

Beheading another sacred cow

I am constantly working to cleanse and streamline my world – cleaning up old beliefs, purging and rectifying old behaviors, and getting rid of stuff that doesn’t have meaning for me.  No matter how carefully I do it, once in a while I’ll get slapped upside the head with something really obvious that I missed.

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