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Jan 11

Book Review – Stories From Spirit

Stories From Spirit
by Sheila Callaham
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I first met Sheila Callaham last year when she invited me onto her podcast to talk about The Miracle Journal. We spent a couple of hours on the phone laughing like old friends the first time we talked. A couple weeks later she …

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Mar 25

Are you Hunger-y?

My friend Jill introduced me to The Hunger Games a few months ago (you may remember Jill as the mother of the best baby in the world).  Even as she was describing the book to me I thought, “I’m probably not going to like this.” But Jill was very persuasive in her insistence that I …

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Mar 12

Magnetizing Success

A couple days ago I mentioned my friend Sheila, and shared part of our email conversation with you. What I didn’t share was how we met each other.

Sheila is a recent friend.  We met by email a couple of months ago when she was looking for a guest for her podcast, Magnetize Success.  I …

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Jan 27

Salvaging from the wreckage

How to put this delicately?

Oh, never mind. This week has been f$%&ing  s?#!ty. (No, that wasn’t delicate…I guess I’ll go with “trying to pull off colorful.”) 🙂

Rather than trying to act like everything is rainbows and ponies, I thought I’d share some of the highlights and lowlights of the week.

Highlight – On …

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Jan 23

The interview and Miracle Partners

Today I recorded a podcast interview with Sheila Callaham of Magnetize Success and had a wonderful time! I’m excited to hear the finished product because I found our conversation fascinating – she asked great questions and was an enthusiastic interviewer.  I’ll let you know when she’s posted the podcast.

One of my favorite moments in …

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