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Apr 29

With this ring…

This weekend I had an adventure that I thought would be very solemn and meditative, but ended up being hysterically funny in the best possible way.  And I came out of it with a ring.  But perhaps I should back up a bit and tell you the story from the beginning…  🙂

The final assignment …

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Sep 04

Inspiration from Kathleen Turner

Today while I was driving, I heard a radio interview with Kathleen Turner.  Having tuned into th emiddle of the interview, how did I know  it was Kathleen Turner?  How could you NOT know it’s Kathleen Turner with that luscious, fan-flipping-tastic voice?!?!  🙂

Anyway, during the 15 minutes that I heard, she said two things …

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Jun 28

A new kind of vision

I would like to introduce you to a remarkable man. He is a true example of what it means to find a gift from a crisis.

I met Ken Kimball several years ago through my friend Jason. The three of us sat down to talk one day and I immediately felt a kinship with Ken …

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