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Apr 09

New book

It took me two years to write my first book.

Thanks to The Miracle Journal, it took me two days to write my second book.

I’m guessing that there might be a pleasant middle ground in there somewhere, but for the moment I’m happy.  🙂

More details to come…

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Mar 26

A dream fulfilled – and I didn’t realize it!

A dream fulfilled

I had a moment of epiphany earlier today.  How it had escaped my attention until today, I can’t imagine, but here it is: I’ve often read newspapers and magazines and thought, “I’d love to write a column someday.”

I imagined that it would be a self-help column, or maybe something that tells human interest stories …

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Feb 26

Weekend update

The last week has been a bit of a roller coaster, but on the plus side I’ve been SUPER productive!  🙂

For the first time this week I had three front-page features at the newspaper in one week.  I was really proud of each of them, too, which made it even it feel like a …

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Dec 28

A new writing group

Tonight I attended a local writing group for the first time and had a terrific evening. I walked in feeling pretty sad (more on that tomorrow) and by the end of the evening I was laughing hysterically.

We did one exercise where everyone wrote a short paragraph of a story and passed it around the …

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Dec 12

A safe place to land

Yesterday I had the chance to sit with my friend Becky and write.  We’re both writers – and spend a fair amount of time writing on our own – but there’s something really special about sitting with another writer and having instant feedback.  I loved how present Becky was while she was listening and the …

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Oct 27

A good influence

I’ve gotten emails from people over the last days asking if everything is all right. Yes, everything is fine and I am grateful for your concern.

Mr. Blue Eyes has been here with me for the past month and he is in the final days of his visit, so I am spending every available moment …

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Sep 21

Producer vs. Stage Manager

The last couple of days have been eye-opening to say the least.  As I focus on my attitudes about finances in The Miracle Challenge, I find that things are moving in a new direction – and it’s ONLY BEEN SEVEN DAYS!!!!  That blows me away.  Check out my Miracle Challenge post for today for an …

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Aug 10

What feeds you?

I was on the phone with a friend tonight talking about writing and publishing and I heard a really interesting sentence come out of my own mouth: “Writing the Journal has been great because I feel like it’s feeding me rather than me feeding it.”

That’s so true!  There have been so many things in …

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