Have you ever finished having sex (even if you had an orgasm) and still felt unsatisfied?

Do you ever feel irritated that your partner doesn’t seem to pay attention to the way you like to be touched?

Or feel resentful that when they touch you it always seems to be about them and never about you?

I’ve been there!!!!!!

The Three-Minute Game* is an AMAZING tool to help you and your partner get back to basics and re-learn the essentials of touch.  Not only is it fast (you can do the whole thing in 12 minutes, or in several three-minute segments if you have kids demanding your attention!), but the instructions are simple so you can concentrate on FEELING.

I recommend this game to my clients frequently and they always come back with positive responses and fascinating insights.

“I was able to keep my focus on feeling, rather than doing the mental grocery list, because it was only three minutes.”

“I finally got my boyfriend to tell me how he wants me to touch him so I don’t have to guess!”

“I realized that we never talk about touch, we just do it – so I’ve never told him the way I like to be touched before!  Now he’s practicing touching me the way that really turns me on and it’s so much better!”

I want the same for you!  Enter your info to get the FREE download of the instructions!



*The Three-Minute Game is based in the work of Betty Martin. You can find the library of her amazing work at www.bettymartin.org.