The Three-Minute Turn On

You’re in bed with your lover and they say, “What do you want? What would turn you on?”

And you think …

“Oh no! I DON’T KNOW!!!!

If you freeze when someone asks you about your turn ons, you’re not alone! And that’s what this quick exercise is for!

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Do you freeze up when your partner asks you what you want in bed?

Or – even worse – does your partner not ask, and it’s on you to figure out what to say so you can get some pleasure too?

I spent years drowning in both those feelings! Some partners never asked me what I wanted and I felt invisible because I didn’t know how to communicate that I needed something more. Some partners DID ask, but then my brain spun into chaos trying to figure out what to say!

Ultimately, I discovered that the reason my brain froze is because I was trying to figure out a technique to tell them. Rather than inviting me to pleasure, I felt pressure to have an answer that they could do to me for a minute or two before we got back to satisfying their pleasure.

If any of this sounds familiar, the Three-Minute Turn On is for YOU!

In this worksheet, I’ll dispel some myths about turn-ons and then lead you through a quick exercise to help you discover some of the things that actually get your motor running.